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Pray for the Children to be Safe from Drugs.


Today, drugs are being endlessly marketed to young


people. Itís like telling children to go play in traffic.


They are both dangerous.

Marijuana use is being sanctioned by fake news along with


laws in some states which justify use under the premise that


state revenues will be increased. However, we know that:



~ Marijuana is addictive. Each year, two-thirds of new


marijuana users are under the age of 18. One in six of these


adolescents will go on to develop marijuana use or dependence.



~ Marijuana is much more potent, today. In 1998 the average


THC level was 4.4%. Today, the THC content is around 15% but


can reach 30% with high-tech growing methods.




THC rich product reaching over 80% THC. It can be


procured through extraction by using solvents to strip the


cannabinoids from the marijuana plant resulting in the THC rich





~ Marijuana-infused food products such as imitation candies,


brownies and cookies contain the CONCERATED SUPER


STRENGTH MARIJUANA. A cookie can contain 100


milligrams of THC, but 10 milligrams is considered one


serving. People are instructed to take 1 bite of the cookie.


Eating a cookie with the huge intake of THC can cause


marijuana poisoning.



~ Adolescentsí brains donít fully develop until the early to mid-


twenties. Using marijuana at this time makes them


vulnerable to long-term, mind-altering changes in the


brain. There is a higher risk of psychosis and schizophrenia





~ Marijuana can impair driving and motor coordination,


learning, perception, judgment, thinking, and memory.


Marijuana use can lead to poor attendance, dropping out


of school, delinquency and behavioral problems.



~ Marijuana is a gateway drug. It primes the brain for other


drugs. People addicted to marijuana are three times more


likely to be addicted to heroin.


Marijuana use is normalized through the media, new


laws, movies, television, pot users, drug dealers, and


through reducing penalties for it.



Who will protect our children?